• Banda Magda - Petite Fleur (Yerakina)

    From the DVD "Yerakina" released September 23rd, 2014 on GroundUP Music.
    written by Sidney Bechet / Fernand Bonifay / Mario Bua

    Buy It Here - http://bandamagdamusic.bandcamp.com/r...


    Produced by Magda Giannikou, Michael League & Fab Dupont

    Filmed by Andy LaViolette




    Magda Giannikou: voice & accordion

    Ignacio Hernandez: nylon string & acoustic guitar

    Bob Lanzetti: electric guitar

    Mika Mimura: vibraphone

    Marcelo Woloski: percussion

    Keita Ogawa: percussion

    James Shipp: percussion

    Petros Klampanis: upright bass

    With the beautiful voices of Petros Klampanis, Marcelo Woloski, Mika Mimura, Justin Stanton, Michael League, Bob Lanzetti, Keita Ogawa and Bill Laurance.

    Our rhythm section was recorded by Fab Dupont & Mike La Tona at Kaleidoscope Sound, NJ with Ian Cassel assisting.
    Lead vocal recorded by Mike La Tona at Flux Studios.
    Mika's vibraphone & some of Nacho’s guitars were recorded at Atlantic Sound Studios in Brooklyn, NY by Diko Shoturma, with Sean Van Doornum assisting.
    Accordion recorded by Ira Senak at Flux Studios NYC.
    All the rest were recorded at Flux with Mike La Tona.
    All the music was edited by Mike La Tona.

    Mixed by Fab Dupont at Flux Studios NYC.
    Mastered by Pablo Lopez Ruiz & Diego Calviño at 3:3:2 Studio.

    Photography by Daniel Hilsinger
    Artwork by Magda and Christos Mastorakis

    All the recording process was shot, directed and edited by Andy LaViolette.

    Executive Producers: Randraiz and Yolanda Wharton, Chico.



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